Monday, March 16, 2009

Making $$ and Freebies thanks to Trial Offers

Yes, you see them everywhere! Try this free. Free 7 days to try this product. 1 Month Free!

And, most of you skip over these without a second glance. Who wants to be bothered with trying a product you probably won't like and what if you forget about it? All of a sudden, you are being charged fees!

But, I am here to tell you, they are totally worth the tiny bit of time they take and it is NOT hard to manage these!

What are some of the key steps?
  • The first key to trial offers is to understand the terms. Reading the first page of a trial offer does not always tell the full story. You MUST read the terms/conditions and copy them to your computer. You want to always have these on hand.
  • Next, you want to know how to end your trial once you sign up, in case you don't end up liking the product. Because, when you sign up for a trial, you are almost always guaranteed to be charged later if you don't discontinue your relationship with the company within your trial period. So, this means you need to find the phone number, email address or terms on their web before you finalize the trial.
  • Now it is time to sign up! The process is usually quick and harmless. I always recommend using a credit card ( I do not recommend debit cards ).
  • Finally, you need to IMMEDIATELY log in your email calendar, your planner and your cell phone calendar the trial end date. I usually mark it for a few days before. This way, if you end up not being available on the actual day, you have a little extra time. By doing this, you now get an email, a cell phone tune and you can visually see your trial end date.

Now, all you have to do is wait for your trial products to arrive and give the product, club, etc a try. You may be surprised and enjoy a company! So, do evaluate them. I have found may clubs I ended up enjoying and keeping.

Want to keep a product?

Still call before your trial is over to speak to a representative. Why? I always let the customers service department know I am thinking about ending my trial and want to know what steps I need to take to end my relationship.

Why do I do this? Because they will then usually offer me a better price, extra freebies or extend my trial for a bit. This then gives me even extra benefits and more time to evaluate and see if my family will use and benfit from the program. It is always worth a call to any provider to check and see if you can get a lower cost, extended trial, etc.

Want to take advantage of some good trial offers? Click on any of the images or links in my right and left side bars to find some great deals!

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  1. Have you personally signed up for Nicolle's shopping site? (the pink side bar ad on the right) I kept reading to find out if I just had to pay $2.50 for the first free "trial month" and that I could cancel before they started charging the $15/month. Am I reading that right? I am brand new to all this and a little nervous about actually signing up and then getting charged because I did not truly understand the fine print (although I DID read it)